…………..more of my 1/18 scale collection!


PXL_20210129_123028771 (1)

PXL_20210129_123126919 (1) PXL_20210129_123158070 (1) PXL_20210129_123305403 (1) PXL_20210129_123528253 (1) PXL_20210129_123548534 (1) PXL_20210129_131531800 (1) PXL_20210129_131828481 (1) PXL_20210129_132102321 (1) PXL_20210129_132610906 (1) PXL_20210129_160229306


This is another Porsche GT2 Evo by GT-Spirit in 1/18 scale.  A sealed resin body with superb detail, and a sublime paint finish.  Having said that, I’m inclined to want to perform some modifications to it – I know, it sounds daft, and kind of arrogant! No, nothing too invasive, more along the cosmetic lines, such as adding some more interesting little details, and perhaps additional decals.  Anyway, enjoy the photos’ and when I’ve done with it I’ll pop some photos up, cheers for now..    

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