Modifying 1/18 Minichamps Porsche GT3 RS

The pictures speak for themselves but briefly, a plain white body looks a bit boring!  I mean, it’s an excellent model by Minichamps, but for my own liking, I’d like to see some aspects of the car highlighted.  Although, as I think about it more, I’m looking at it from the unlikely position of a prospective (real) Porsche buyer – and that’s very unlikely!!  So, my unlikely specifications for a special order would be along the following lines: Carbon roof, rear wing, and bonnet/hood.  Highlights internally/externally would all be picked up in Red/Orange and would cover the following: wheels, wing end plates, side mirrors, roll cage, seats etc.  So with most of the “heavy lifting” done now, it’s time to refine some decals and paint strokes.   Before assembling it again, I’ll give the body a couple of coats of lacquer so, onwards and upwards, more later.


PXL_20210210_231344656 PXL_20210210_231356498 PXL_20210210_231411884 PXL_20210215_180909235 PXL_20210215_180929348 PXL_20210215_180938933 PXL_20210215_180952244 PXL_20210215_181008231 PXL_20210215_181154980


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