Wonderful Motorsport photo’s by Gerald Swan

I was researching the Brabham BT26 as I’m just about to start building a 43rd scale model of one, and I came across the most wonderful collection of photographs by a gentleman by the name of Gerald Swan.  All wonderful images from the Golden era of British motorsport (1969 – 74) – wonderfully archived by event and location – including evocative races like “Race of Champions” and the “Guards Throphy” – all great stuff when it comes to researching any number of cars from that era – many thanks Gerald. As a follow-on to my last post, I thought I … Continue reading Wonderful Motorsport photo’s by Gerald Swan

Brabham BT26 – 1/43rd SMTS metal kit

Another recent acquisition for me is this metal kit from SMTS of one of the nicest cars ever to carry the Brabham name – the BT26 from the golden era of the sixties – (1968/69) driven by “Black- Jack” himself and partnered by Jacky Ickx who drove this to victory in both the Canadian and German GP’s  during the ’69 season and second to Jackie Stewart in the championship.  Like the Revell Ferrari I’m building, this is my first 43rd scale model build in a very long time, however, spurred on by the buzz that I’m getting from the F10 … Continue reading Brabham BT26 – 1/43rd SMTS metal kit