A very naughty little girl!

Unfortunately with my camera acting up today I wasn’t able to upload any photo’s of my days work so instead, I’m posting up some pics of this little 28mm lady from Foundry Miniatures Street Violence range which I painted last week – She’s definitely not the kind of girl you would want to bring home to your mother – yes she’s a real nasty piece of work! Continue reading A very naughty little girl!

Napoleon – 28mm Wargame – Foundry Miniatures

I didn’t have much time today to spend painting, so I grabbed another of the primed wargame figure I have near my bench and whenever I had a few moments during the day, I painted this little figure of Napoleon Bonaparte.  This is from a set produced by Foundry Miniatures of Bonaparte and his Marshals – the set consists of 12 foot figures including some of his well known officers and aides.  Once again, I enjoyed just mixing the colors and getting it done in the day – so one down and eleven to go!   I’ll paint up some others … Continue reading Napoleon – 28mm Wargame – Foundry Miniatures

More 28mm Miniature gaming figures

I’m continuing my painting exercises with these little figures (see my last post) and over the weekend I painted this guy on his futuristic motorcycle.  I’ve no idea who manufactures the figure, I have 100’s of these from a mad buying phase from many years ago, and every so often I dip into my primed stock and tune up my painting technique.  As I’ve said before it’s a break from the larger (more serious) figures and it helps sharpen my eye for color/value mixing and it’s also very enjoyable! Continue reading More 28mm Miniature gaming figures

Wargame 28mm miniature figures – painting tip!

In order to keep my painting process reasonably sharp (mainly color mixing) I keep a supply of primed 28mm wargame figures within reach of my bench.  When I get into a bit of a rut with my painting, these little guys are great for getting myself started again.  I think it’s beacuse they are so small, and in most cases such fun to paint, and as a result, I don’t take them too seriously. Like a lot of creative processes, when we relax that little bit the process flows that bit better.  My favourite analogy is Golf  – sometimes the … Continue reading Wargame 28mm miniature figures – painting tip!