A Prancing Horse of a different color finally passes the post!

Revell F10 - a (What-if) Fiorano Test

I finally finished my build of the Revell F10 back in early December.  Christmas seemed to start so early this year – the whole month of December became a bit of a blur and I never got posting the final pictures.  Between decorations, parties, Ebay sales and my son doing a revamp of my Website (I’d be totally lost without his technical know-how- so a sincere thanks to him) I’m way behind on my Blog postings – so this is the first of 2012 with hopefully more to come on a daily basis (after all, New Year resolutions are made to be broken!!).  A few words on the F10 build -its more or less an “Out of the box” job with a few additions, however, there is one major difference; this version never existed in reality! Continue reading “A Prancing Horse of a different color finally passes the post!”

Revell Ferrari F10 – work in progress

Here’s a quick overview of my approach and experiences of the assembly process so far: Engine fully asembled – (very straightforward). Assemble both exhaust stacks but don’t attach them to the engine yet – check later that outlets line up with openings in bodywork. Attach engine and lower part of gearbox to chassis floor  – (also straightforward). Assemble and attach top of airbox/rollover bar to top of body Having assembled both radiator pods and attached them to the body, I think I should have left them off  for painting – but we will see later! I also cut the top … Continue reading Revell Ferrari F10 – work in progress