Revell Ferrari F10 – work in progress

Here’s a quick overview of my approach and experiences of the assembly process so far:

Engine fully asembled – (very straightforward).

Assemble both exhaust stacks but don’t attach them to the engine yet – check later that outlets line up with openings in bodywork.

Attach engine and lower part of gearbox to chassis floor  – (also straightforward).

Assemble and attach top of airbox/rollover bar to top of body

Having assembled both radiator pods and attached them to the body, I think I should have left them off  for painting – but we will see later!

I also cut the top of the gear box and all the rear suspension mounts from the sprue for “dry fitting” – I haven’t assembled them yet as they will be easier to paint separately.

Next steps;

Attach side pods – and fill

Fill gaps – around airbox, and radiators

Spray all parts with primer.

Here’s a few photos of the work done so far – more progress later:

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