GF-models Driver figures – Revell Ferrari F10

I’ll use two of the GF-models driver figures representing Alonso for the F10’s I’m building at the moment – I’ve chosen two; GF-24-036 (a ringer for Alonso) and GF-24-003 which needed a bit of modifying in order to get the suit fitting tighter as worn by Alonso at the moment.  The “baggy” fit of the suit on this figure would be more akin to something worn by Jacques Villeneuve – he always seemed to wear his suit 4 sizes too large – maybe I’ll get another one – I feel a Sauber coming on? – no definitely not – too many other things on the go at the moment!   I did a partial assembly on each of the figures just to have a look at how they measure up to both kits – so I took a couple of pics.   As per a previous posting, the dreaded “Tropicana2”         “Orange-peel” finish showed up on the red – and I also saw some seams which I hadn’t properly filled – they really stick out at this magnification – so I better get back to the filling and polishing stick and see if I can sort out that awful red!  

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