Priming and undercoating – essential, but Boring stuff!

Boring as hell but for sure an essential part of model-making.    As I usually have up to 20 projects on the go at any one time, I generally try to include as many pieces as possible in one priming session, as I just find the whole process so boring and time consuming.  Apart from the actual spraying, the preparation takes up an enormous amount of time, but having said that, it’s an absolute must in terms of getting paint to stick  to the surface.  Initially I started out painting the Villeneuve helmets (I mentioned in yesterdays post) and then I added in some other open face 1/43rd scale helmets.   Then as a result of re-organising my workbench, I gathered up many other pieces which were pretty much assembled and decided to give them an initial blast of primer – (even if they are not quite ready, it at least helps me psychologically to see them primed!!) So included in to-days session are a number of items ranging from a mounted Lord of the Rings figure through a variety of figures from the world of Motor Sport – (mainly GF-models) – an Irish Civil War figure for a Rolls Royce armored car (from the conflict in 1922) and other trackside accessories like the armco barrier et al.  Just as I look at the photo’s now I can still see the two seats from the as yet unfinished pair of F10’s – must get back to them as most of the painting is done – if only, if only!!! Cheers for the mo,

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