Gilles Villeneuve GF-models Driver figure WIP

I eventually got back to my line up of 1/20 driver figures and today I decided to tackle the Villeneuve figure and try to make some progress – it’s the dreaded “day job” – keeps slowing me down and distracting me!   I actually now have three Villeneuve figures on the go at the moment, different versions from 1977 to 1982 – (with and without the helmet).   One great aspect of these GF figures is the variety of helmet options they provide.  In the case of this Villeneuve kit, both the Bell and GPA helmets are included – so rather than just leave the surplus helmets in the spares box, I decided to have a go at painting all the spares at the same time and in this way I’ll have a choice of the best ones to use.  I was going to use the decals from the Tamiya pit set,  however, as the two sets I have are about 25 years old now, I don’t think they will stand up to much handling – so if the decals fall apart when I start to use them, I may have to paint the design by hand!-  Interesting!!  I’ve prepared the helmets ready for priming – so more later – I’ve just tried uploading photos of the three driver figures but I’m having some problems – so I’ll add them later to this post – in the meantime, the six helmets are ready to go – more later!

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