Michael Schumacher 1/20 Driver figure – nearly there!

I just finished putting the last of the decals on – a bit of a mixture in terms of the main sponsor (Marlboro) – I started out with the “Barcoded” livery in mind, and as I didn’t have a set of appropriate decals to hand I painted the main barcode panel on the back of the suit.  That was some weeks ago, and in the meantime I’ve been working on various other items and figures, jumping from one thing to the next, and when I restarted this figure the other day I’d forgotten about barcodes and instead went straight ahead and plastered him with Marlboro logos! – I was nearly finished when I realised my mistake – such is life – it’s not the end of the world!  I’m going to leave that problem aside and plough on with getting the rest of the figure finished – just a bit more painting (the Italian tri-color on the front), the gloves, visor and Hans device to finish and then he’s done – more later.

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