Schumacher 1/20 Schuberth Helmet – WIP

After finishing the decals (I still see some areas which need tidying up) I painted the inside of the helmet blue and the visor and neck rim black. As the figure is bareheaded, I want to display the helmet and Hans device  beside him, so I thought it best to attach the helmet to the neck brace.        I drilled a hole in the back of the helmet to take a small metal pin and a corresponding hole in the face of the neck brace and join the two with a bit of Superglue.  The retaining straps (which I originally fashioned from metal strips included with the kit) have been discarded in favour of black card cut into .50mm strips.  The reason for this change is that, in order to work the straps into position they must be bent and unfortunately this resulted in the paint /primer (with which they were coated) cracking – so I’m using this stiff yet flexible card/paper instead.  The visor has had it’s sun strip applied  (and as I write this I notice I did it upside down – AGGHHHH!!)  so I’ll have to sort that – hopefully I can salvage the visor and either remove the strip or cover it with another – either way…..such is life!   In addition to the sun strip, I have to attach the two small lifting handles either side of the visor and I also have to fashion the front lifting handle around the protrusion at the front of the visor.  In addition, I’ll attach the tear-offs (one either side of the visor)  and I must also include a drink tube protruding from the helmet.  More on this tomorrow, cheers for now.

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