Schumacher helmet – visor tear-off strips!

To make the tear-off strips in 1/20 I’ve used plastic about half as thick as the visor plastic supplied with the kit – I sourced mine from the top of a Sharwoods sauce bottle (it’s the type that’s pretty much shrink-wrapped around the neck) so it’s very flimsy and thin.  I considered making a full tear-off ie, one which would extend right across the visor from side to side but I’m of the view now that I really don’t need to go to that trouble.  The time/effort involved just wouldn’t be worth it from my point of view in terms of getting it to look convincing – I reckon I can get away with creating the impression of a tear-off.  So the short-cut I’m going to employ is just to have the two tear off loops – one at each end.  I’ve started the loops by marking out the loops on the plastic and then cutting around them with a New scalpel blade (use very carefully!!).  The grip holes in the loops can be made using a pin (held in a pin vice) to punch through the plastic.  Because the plastic is so flimsy the pressure exerted by the pin (as it tried to punch through) distorted the plastic – so in order to make way for the pin I used the tip of the sharp scalpel to make a pilot hole then I pushed through the pin and I followed this with a very small drill bit about .45mm to take the roughness off the circumference. In addition, the back-side of the loop with have roughness on it where the plastic has been pushed away which can be removed with a polishing stick or emery board.  I made four loops – enough for two helmets or more likely two attempts at one helmet!  I’ll now give these a coat of light blue acrylic to create contrast and so they will be visible and once dry I’ll give them a dipping in Johnsons Klear and then cut them from the sheet – more later.

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