Gilles Villeneuve 1/20 helmet visor – GF-model figure

I’m not having much luck with these figures recently – after discovering in my last post that I’d put the visor strip on the Schumacher helmet upside down, I then went and accidentally put a nasty crease in the visor of Villeneuves Bell helmet – such is life!   It looked pretty good as I had given it three coats of klear and I had just added the lifting handles and the fastners – it then fell off the workbench and I stupidly picked it up between my fingers with a little too much force….end of visor.   So I’ve cut a new one and heated it into shape and at the same time, I cut the visor for Villeneuves’ other (GPA) helmet.  A bit of work with a fine sanding stick takes the rough edges off – so now to dunk both of them in klear.    I also made a start on the other Villeneuve figure (wearing the GPA helmet) – I built up gloves on the hands just to create a contrast with the other figures and I’ve done the shading and highlighting on the suit.  Photo’s below show the damaged visor together with the two new ones and the Villeneuve figure.  Unfortunately progress has been extremely slow on all of my model projects at the moment and I haven’t painted or sketched in quite a while either.  The arrival of the fine weather is really hard to ignore outside and after the dreadfully long winter we’ve had, I’m finding it really difficult to stay indoors and instead, I’m doing lots of walking & gardening – (more like soaking up the sun, reading and  drinking lots of wine!) -  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!    In the words of the late great John Lennon: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” – how true!

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