Top Gun pilot – 1/35 scale – Verlinden figure

I came across this partially completed figure when I was looking for some other (totally unrelated) stuff recently – it’s a common enough thing amongst us modellers; you come across a set of decals for an ongoing project (which has probably been on-hold for years) the discovery re-ignites the passion to get it restarted; you even get to the point of making a work-task list so that you can hit the ground running when you come back to it!  Then you very carefully put the various components away (so that you can find them – doh!) only for the fateful day to arrive some months later and well, it’s the usual story……………some things are just not meant to be!   So on to this figure now – I can’t actually remember the story with this little guy – I just like the look of him so rather than work backwards to the original story I thought I’ll juts take a couple of photo’s before I do anything else and then I can plan how I’ll use / finish him off!  The painting is a bit sloppy and that’s either down to the fact that I had intended to come back to tidy it up or he also might have been part of a little diorama, in which case, I tend to cut some corners on the painting of the individual companents and focus more on the Big Picture – either way, he’s back on the bench and I’ll get to him in the next while, so in the meantime, enjoy the photo’s – more later.

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