Michael Schumacher Monaco 2006 1/20 Driver figure (GF-models)

I eventually got all the decals applied and pretty much 99% of the painting finished (still some areas I’m not totally happy with) – so nearly there with this figure.  I used the Hobby Design decals – not as good as MSM’s (very thin decals requiring careful handling & lots of carrier film to be trimmed).   The fit of the decals on the helmet were very poor – lots of surgery required – in fairness the decals were probably mastered for a generic helmet shape, so I shouldn’t complain.  I used a little licence on the Hans device with the Ferrari logo /Vodafone branding – (I always find it surprising to see the lack of branding on the Hans devices – very few drivers even have their names displayed on them!) – I also used some CF decals to add a little interest and contrast – (still some work to do on this – areas of it need trimming).  I hope to have this figure finished in the next day or two – more later.

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