Another 1/20 Schumacher driver figure!

Some shots of the final product – once again a GF-models fgure sporting the 2007-ish ferrari garbe – Schuberth helmet, Hans device Puma suit – branding is a mixture of Marlboro and Barcode (which I referred to in an earlier post) – To get the best from the figure I made some additions / amendments in the area of boots, gloves and drink tube / comms wiring in the helmet.  The hinges for the helmet visor are domestic pins and 3d paint was used to represent the small lifting handles in the centre of the tear-offs (which are thin strips of shrinkwrap attached to visor with Johnsons Klear).  The little inflators for the shoulder pads on the hans device are thin wire with ends from 3D paint.    So there you go, I employed a bit of licence to some aspects but I don’t think it affects the overall essence of the figure in terms of the finished product.

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