Tamiya Tool set 1/20 – the “well used look”

The tools from the Tamiy F1 pit crew set is something I’ve been threatening to do for some time now.  I have a couple of pre ’80’s car dioramas in mind and I want to incorporate that “grubby” effect which is so much a part of the F1 scene arond that time.  It was a time when spanners, screwdrivers and oily cans and rags were all very much a part of the pit scene.  Nowadays, you would be hard pushed to make out the engine in the back of a modern F1 car – gone is the massive maze of shiny metal surrounded by miles of pipes and wires.  Mechanics (or should that be technicians) never seem to actually touch (what was once thought of as the dirty part of the car) and instead they all seem to work their magic through their laptops and headsets!  Infact, the only time they appear to get their overalls any way soiled is when the have to change the tyres during a pit-stop.  Anyway, back to my Tamiya tool set.  To get that worn look I used Vallejo acrylics and applied them in a  variety of washes and glazes in a “dabbing” motion.   I also used the sponge to get that motteled / scratched effect on the welding bottles.  I’m always fascinated by the techniques the Armour modellers use to get that fantastic effect on their tanks using Salt and Hairspray !,  but I’ve always been keen to see if I can come any way close by just using the brush and sponge/fingers.   I’ve only worked on a couple of the items from the set and so far so good, but I agree they do need some more work to get the effect just right – must try harder! I converted the small photographers carry case from the set into a metal tool box by cutting and chopping the top and adding hinges and a catch.  I’ll crack on with the remaining pieces a nd I also want to add wooden trestles to stand a gearbox and engine on and maybe add a wooden palette and boxes – all part of the early F1 pit “detritus”!

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