Ayrton Senna -“Getting ready to be famous” – (part 2)

Senna Helmet and gloves

My earlier post about a Senna figure vignette entitled “Getting ready to be famous” refers. As the piece is now on Ebay featuring a revised helmet and gloves combination I’m posting pictures here of how that revision to the helmet and gloves was carried out.  I drilled out the top of the Denizen helmet into which I inserted a metal pin – the other end of which I attached the Denizen gloves -after filling the gaps with Miliput I gave the lot a couple of coats of primer, painted it up applied the decals and finished with a couple of coats of Klear – job done!  Denizen produce a beautiful casting of driving gloves and they are the ideal companion to an accompanying helmet when displaying a bareheaded figure.  The problem I’ve experienced with this set-up,  is the gloves are so small they can get lost in a display so by attaching them to the helmet they won’t “go walkies” and at the same time they become more prominent and really set the piece off.  It involves a little more work but it definitely looks better as a finished piece.

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