Senna on mini canvas!


Senna Mini canvas

Following on from my last post, I’ve painted up two more of those tiny canvasses of Ayrton Senna from his Mclaren days.  I’ve posed them in a kind of (mini) gallery setting with a 1/20th Tamiya MP4-5B and a figure of Senna made by Modellers.  Both canvasses have been painted using artists acrylic paint using an Impasto technique (thick paint applied directly from the tube).  These canvasses certaintlyhave potential in terms of adding to or setting off a miniature display – they can be placed on the mini easles or stuck to a backing board using Blutak – I have a furthr dozen or so blank ones left so I’ll keep using up whatever paint is left on the palette from my main painting sessions – so more of these on the way – Cheers.


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