The Bulls are back in the hunt!


After a difficult start to the 2012 season for the reigning World Champ SebastianVettel, normal service was once again resumed with his win last time out at the troubled race in  Bahrain.  Once again he was looking bullet proof and emerged from the car pointing that finger!  I’m currently using a Denizen casting to capture the defiant pose which Vettel adopts when he takes a victory – so I’ve chopped one of the hands off, repositioned both arms – I’ve added that finger using a piece of wire and with the right hand reattached he’s begining to look like he means business!  The head is just held on with Blutak so that I can judge the angle before I drill it out and insert a wire armature for a more permanent fix.  I’ll add the Hans device and radio wires and then get him primed for some paint – yes the Bulls are back – (well one of them is) – hopefully Mark Webber can rekindle some of that  Aussie Grit (funnily enough that’s Marks call-sign  on Twitter!) and have both Bulls going head to head – more on this one soon.. Cheers,

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