Mike Hawthorn in 1/43rd scale

Mike Hawthorn

I modified an original Scalelink figure of Mike Hawthorn and recast it in metal to produce this figure of the 1958 World Champion.  The modifications include substituting a new head (sporting a slightly nicer version of the flat cap) together with wire rimmed sunglasses! I also replaced the original metal visor with one cut from acetate, drilled out the helmet, added new ear-cups and chinstrap, and fixed the visor to the helmet with a strip of metal foil.  I’m not all-together sure it was worth it!?  As I look at the figure now, it still looks “dumpy” and my time might have been better spent improving the stance with perhaps new (and longer) legs!  No matter, there was some learning and satisfaction in doing it – so I shouldn’t complain.

A picture (as per the Scalelink site) of the original unmodified figure is shown below:

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