My latest effort to get my site moving again!!

I came across a wonderful undertaking by three young enterprising guys called – I’ve added my little bit of support to this marvellous project and in return, the’ve given me a spot on their Pixel-Ad Patchwork – a definite “Win Win” situation. Click “DARDENTOR THE MOVIE” Link for more information on what I think is wonderfully creative thinking in this current climate of “doom and gloom”!

So armed with new found enthusiasim and “big-time” exposure, I hope to channel my efforts in a more focussed way into being more active on the web by using my site to publicise my art.  Sounds so easy now – but time will tell!!   On the painting front, I’ve recently started painting Cars and things “Auto” related.  Cars and motorsport have always been a passion of mine, and in addition to making and painting miniature figurines I also make and paint miniature cars – both roadgoing and racing.  Now I’m painting them on canvas, partly to give myself a break from the subject matter of landscapes and figurative studies and also to explore the artistic rule of “paint what you have a passion for”!  So far, it’s working very well on all fronts – both “sale wise” and most importantly I’m really enjoying it!  So that’s it for today – I promised myself a posting (after nearly a year since I last used the site) so I’ll take it a day at a time and see how things unfold. Finally, many people have asked me to post photos of both my art and miniatures (a pretty reasonable request given it’s an art site!) and I’m happy to report I’ve made great strides on that front with an on-line album – so I’m hoping to have that running via a link in the next week – Cheers and Many Thanks.

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