Gilles Villeneuve 1/20 scale driver figure

Another of the driver figures I have just added to my Work in Progress stock is this one of Gilles Villeneuve.  The figure is by GF-models and apart from being very nicely detailed it has an excellent likeness to the man himself.  So far, I’ve just slightly modified the hair (to make it slightly longer) and I’ve also added some detail to the polo necked fireproof under vest.   As I have three figures of Gilles to make and paint, I’ve decided to depict him wearing different overalls representing different periods from his short driving career – this version will be based on the outfit he wore when he drove his first Ferrari F1 (312T2) in October 1977 at Mosport Park in Canada.   On this occasion, he qualified 17th, but after a  drive shaft broke in the race he retired and was classified 12th (four laps down).  The best photo I’ve come across showing him wearing the overalls at that race unfortunately doesn’t show all the sponsor logos clearly- so a bit of artistic lisence and inventiveness will be called for on my part!       The basic colors and skin tone have been blocked in, so I will set that aside and progress the other figures I also have on the go at the moment – so more on Gilles later.

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