Michael Schumacher 1/20 figure – WIP Monaco 2006

This is another 1/20 resin figure I have “on the go” at the moment.  It’s an original GF-models figure which I have converted into a more relaxed stance depicting Michael Schumacher at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2006.  This was the race where Schumacher famously “parked” his car at the Rascasse corner and thereby blocking Alonso (who was on his fast lap) from setting a faster time!  I’m not sure of the significance of it, but Schumacher also wore a very distinctive race suit at this grand prix – whatever the reason, it didn’t stop the stewards from penalising his “ungentlemanly” behaviour by relegating him to the back of the grid for the race start.  I thought it would make an interesting change, so I’ve decided to paint him up wearing this very unusual coloured suit.  So far I’ve just blocked in the mid-values with much more detail to come.  I also need to do some filling of the right hand and resculpt the fingers as I had to modify it in order to hold the water bottle.  More later as I progress.

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