Gilles Villeneuve helmets – WIP – 1/20 scale

I started painting the pattern on the helmets today, with reasonable results. Firstly the color I went for is what I called in my last posting a “Charcoal Blue”” combined with a “Red Orange” .  To get the Charcoal Blue, I mixed (50-50) Valejo Dark Prussian Blue with Dark Sea Blue and added a couple of drops of Scarlet and the “Red Orange”was mixed using Flat Red (20%) and German Cam Orange 80% .  So far I’ve resisted using the only decent set of decals I have from an old Tamiya pit set as I’m not sure they will stand up to being immersed in water (given their age) I also thought about copying them onto some decal paper and printing them out on an ink -jet printer, but I unfortunately can’t find the package since I used it last time, and I went to the local hobby shop and was astounded by the price – €21.00 for a small pack!!  So I decided to stick with the hand-painted challenge!  I haven’t finished by any means and since I took these photos I have one helmet which looks pretty good – so as usual,  more on these later.

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