Revell Ferrari F10 – back in the BLACK!!

The second of my two F10’s is going to represent (a very loose interpretation) of a Fiorano test version – once again there is just something I find very mysterious about matt black cars – so I couldn’t resist giving the F10 the  full treatment in BLACK!  With the exception of the wheels, all these test version seem to be entirely black, so to save myself effort and time I decided to leave all the pieces on the sprue for the initial coats – I’ll clean up seam and sink marks later and give them another coating. Coming back to the wheels for a second, they will be finished in a sort of alloy silver color, however, I’ve painted them a black base color as I want to try out an aerosol of cheap silver paint which promises a mirror like finish (when sprayed in light coats onto smooth black surfaces) – similar to Alclad – I’ve had it for a while (got it in an art shop) so now we will see if it really does what it says on the tin!   With the initial coat of black on everything, I must say I think the body looks really mean – so far so good, – energy levels still high, and momentum  is still there – so “I’ll keep her Lit” as a certain mad Irishman says on the radio here!! ……. More later, and in the meantime, more shots – ……..enjoy.

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