Tamiya 1/20 Armco crash barrier

As an addition to the base for some of the 1/20 driver figures I’m building  at the moment, I’m going to use a piece of Armco barrier from  the plastic Tamiya pit set (see pic of set from Tamiya site).  The contents of the set are quite good and it still stands the test of  time since I bought it over 20 years ago!   When I bought it back then, I was building a Tamiya kit every couple of months and I must have intended doing some sort of diorama with all the cars I’d collected, except I ran out of shelf space!  The plastic armco in the set is a bit chunky and it lacks any real surface detail, so I’ve thinned it down, beaten it up and I’m adding rivets and end pieces.  The end pieces are thick foil which I’ve cut to a rough size and then pressed into shape and superglued in place.   Once I have all the pieces in place, I’ll give it a coat of primer and start painting and weathering it – so more later.

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