A “Classic” postcard from Silverstone 2013!

Glimpse of Colin in JPS pit!

The Silverstone Classic dished up it’s usual mouthwatering array of motorsporting machinery at the week-end.  With the exception of a huge thunderstorm late on Saturday (which led to the cancellation of the twilight running of Group C) the weather was absolutely wonderful; with plenty of bright sunshine and a light breeze it made the whole experience all that much better for the huge crowds.   The event provides “access all areas” for all the fans, so the ability to get up-close and personal with all the celebrities and machinery really heightens the experience and the photo opportunities were endless.  Below is a small selection from the hundreds I shot.   In the main photo at the top, the gentleman leaning on the rear wing of the Lotus ’79 could be mistaken (only momentarily) for Colin Chapman?  And one for the ladies; Sabine Schmitz (of Nurburgring fame) was given a great welcome by the crowd as she lined up in the Group C race at the wheel of a Porsche 962.


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