Fouga Magister – an Irish perspective

The Fouga Magister

I was fortunate to be able to attend the launch of a wonderful aviation book recently held at Casement aerodrome near Dublin.  The book  is entitled “Fouga Magister an Irish Perspective”.  It’s a wonderful production by Joe Maxwell and Radu Brinzan.    Apart from containing a wealth of technical detail, stunning photo’s and fabulous graphic illustrations, it’s a great account of how this little aircraft replaced the old Vampires and became the backbone jet trainer of the Irish Air Corps Silver Swallows display team from the mid 70’s to mid 90’s.  Those with an interest in the history of Irish aviation (or more particularly the Irish Air Corps.) will find this book a real joy and it’s an absolute must for fans of the Fouga and aviation modellers with a Fouga on their “build list”.


GOC AC Brigadier General Paul Fry hosted the event on a bright sunny and uncharacteristically warm day in the Museum hangar at Casement.  The event was well attended by members of the armed forces ( past and present )  the media and invited members of the public.  Apart from Radu, Joe and of course the book, a beautifully restored Fouga  (number 219) on display was the star of the show!  As usual, yours truly came well prepared for the bountiful photo opportunities; with my batteries fully charged and both memory card ports eh, – Empty!!   With the aid of my ageing Nokia I managed to come away with a couple of decent shots – I just love the low slung lines of the fuselage and the swallow tails – even when it’s standing still it looks fantastic.  I have no doubt the book will become the ultimate reference for both the Fouga and the Air Corps famous Silver Swallows aerobatic team.  The detailed first hand accounts of those who flew the aircraft with the Silver Swallows are particularly insightful and alone provide a “thumping good read”.    Joe and Radu have produced a stunning piece of work with this book and they both deserve every success with many more print runs to come!




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